FemiFest is a radical feminist conference happening next weekend in London. As in previous years (with RadFem 2012 and RadFem 2013), the event has made it clear this it is only open to cis women, stating “we welcome all women who were raised and socialized as girls to join us”. The conference is…

Thanks for the free publicity. We have been talking about doing this in Brighton next year, if we can find a good venue.

On the one hand the lesbian is reduced to the Western other and declared not to be a citizen of the country within any socio-cultural-historical-cosmological context. But on the other hand the heterosexual business executive is very much the result of an economic order arising out of a ‘Western’ context, yet his Indianness is never called into question.
Giti Thadani 1996 Sakhiyani: Lesbian desire in ancient and modern India, p. 87.
The global advertising industry, the sex industry, the trafficking in girls and women industry are about the institutionalisation of heterosexuality as dollars for tourism and a way of providing for that group of highly mobile, cashed up men who take for granted easy access to women’s bodies.
Susan Hawthorne


It’s a sad life when u cannot separate radfem politics from everyday life sometimes. Who has the will to be angry about everything all the damn time.

Patriarchy is everywhere, so no you can’t separate radical feminist politics from everyday life. But you do need to find a way to in this world. I find the only way I can is to get involved in activism. I need to be fighting it.

And when we (lesbians) are not assimilated – not part of them, we are afflicted with illness, criminality, abnormality. It’s fine so long as we shut up or play the exotic and erotic role of lipstick or SM lesbian.


Susan Hawthorne

The feminist aim is to render the phallus impotent, to sever its connection with the penis, and to ensure that the latter is reduced to nothing but anatomy.

Denise Thompson 1991 Reading Between the Lines: A lesbian

feminist critique of feminist accounts of sexuality, p. 15

…how few are willing to give up the power relationship. Even
the powerless cling to the ideology, in the hope that as long as
the idea exists they have hope of escaping powerlessness by
achieving someway, somehow, powerfulness. Of course, as
long as the conceptual framework of “power” itself is valued
(especially, if valued by the Oppressed!) none of us has any
Ti-Grace Atkinson 1974 Amazon Odyssey, p. xxii

Anonymous asked:

You're a women if you identify as a women, it doesn't matter what genitals you were born with or what gender you were raised to be. Also feminism is about equality and I believe that men who support feminism shouldn't be silenced by feminists like you and we should accept the help. Feminist issues effect men too, just not as much.

Being a woman is not an identity. I think Elizabeth Hungerford nails it in this blog post.

I also think feminism is about liberation. But I will post more about this later in the week. If men want to support feminism, great. I don’t silence them, I just don’t let them dominate.